As the producer of dentistry training models, the Hoss Ban Mandegar Company was established in 2011 and succeeded to manufacture these products after 4 years of research and effort and with the assistance of reputable professors of Iran to fill the educational gap in Iran faculties. Meanwhile, we were able to integrate science and industry to provide a suitable and high quality product to the educational centers and students.
The company actively strives to be scientifically updated, improves the products quality, and completely satisfies the customers.
The quality of our products is in accordance with the high requests of our customers provided by our eligible staff only through support and professional consultation.
In this family company, more than 33 people are working for the success and advance of the company.
The customer satisfaction is the priority of Hoss. We provide innovative products and seek to talk with the users and traders in dentistry. This exchange of information allows us to identify the potentials of advance and succeed in improvement of our products. In this method, we help our customers to find economic products which are approved by them.
During the recent years, we extended the range of our products; in this regard, research and development enabled us to design and manufacture high quality innovative products.

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